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    Bathrooms Better Than Spas

    Want bathroom remodeling services that gives your favorite spa a run for its money? We’ve got you covered. Let us bring you a bathroom of luxury and relaxation with our expert designers, consultants, and professionals. At Spruce Box, we take pride in making a bathroom as glorious of a room as you can imagine.

    Whether you’re looking to transform your bathroom through the installation of a new fixture, a freestanding bath, vanity faucets, or a full bathroom remodel in PDX, we’re the professionals to call. Our in-house designers know how to successfully take a project from imagination to installation in a way that honors your vision and watches out for your budget.

    From bathroom repairs to custom bathroom remodeling services in Portland, Oregon, we know how to offer up a service and a vision that’ll transform your home and bring a new shine to your life. From tile design and installation to fixture finesse, we’re Portland’s best bathroom remodeling services contractors.

    Our Team Specializes In:


    Bath Design and Construction


    Bathroom addition and expansions


    Shower/Tub conversions


    Bathroom Renovation and Repairs


    Custom cabinetry and counters


    Cabinet painting and door replacement


    Ikea, Modular and Stock Cabinetry


    Pre-Assembled Vanity Units

    Have a home spa already in mind? We can make it with reality. With our design and renovation team, we’re always happy to cater to your ideas, dreams, vision boards, and Instagram pics to bring luxury and beauty into your home. And if you’re searching for inspiration and ideas, we can help you create a porcelain haven fit for royalty. Let us help you create a bathroom of perfection, down to the last corner tile.

    Full Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling

    When you’re looking for a full bathroom transformation, we bring the customization, luxury, and elegance you desire to every renovation.

    Bathroom Repair

    If there are a few corners of your bathroom that need polish or repair, we’re happy to bring your bathroom back up to its golden standard.

    Shower Remodel

    If you’re looking to modernize or update your shower, we’ll help you bring your bathroom to a full new level. Got some vanity shower designs in mind? We’ll make them better than you imagined.

    Bathroom Addition

    Need an additional bathroom? We know how to add an additional room without disrupting the magic and elegance of your home. Better living begins with Spruce Box.

    Seamless Planning and Workflow

    While bathroom renovation and remodeling are often seen as complex, our decades in the industry keep your project on track and on-time. Our bathroom renovation team is composed of Portland’s best licensed and skilled professionals, meaning that we delight and deliver beyond expectations each and every time.

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    After you place your bathroom remodel request, we’re pleased to offer a consultation. After our discussion, we’ll provide you with a custom quote and all your relevant project details.

    Your Project’s Profile

    Once we align on our vision, our remodel team will set up your project account. On our customized project dashboard you’ll be able to see your project come to life. We take pride in keeping our clients informed, allowing you to watch your project’s progress, from initial plans to the final touches.

    You Deserve the Best

    At Spruce Box, we’re proud to deliver a premium remodeling experience. Our industry excellence ensures that each detail and dimension is taken care of and accounted for. From keeping track of the schedule to the quality of our craftsmanship, we go above and beyond. Our luxury designers have decades in the industry and are known for creating some of the most modern and innovative designs in our area. Beyond that, our personalized approach means that you’ll get a bathroom renovation that stays within your budget and surpasses your dreams.

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